Water Park
DreamScape One Water Park will be open year round offering wild water themed excitement under one climate controlled roof.

Water Park

Since the late nineties, water parks have become somewhat of a phenomenon to most areas; including Manitoba. It is hard to say what the true draw and attraction is but it could be the wave pools, riding a raft on the raging river or just coming down a hundred foot slide.

DreamScape was designed with such a water park in mind. A destination size water park with pools and games for the kids; restaurants and wet bars for the adults and lots of slides, rides and attractions, making this a destination for the whole family. At DreamScape, we took the excitement one step further and went year-round in a temperature controlled environment, so you never have to worry about the inclement weather outside in our seasonal climate. 

Designed to thrill visitors and locals alike, DreamScape’s water park will be worth the wait – visually stunning, vibrant, fun-filled and exciting for everyone. With its unique design and wide range of lavish rides, our facilities will be a combination of engineering brilliance and environmental reliability.

An environmental friendly design with slides, lazy rivers and wave pools, sustainable solutions for heating and cooling year round. An all year waterpark - tropical theme, boardwalks, white sand beach areas

Passes available for all occasions: half day, full day, multi-day, monthly, seasonal or annual

At DreamScape we are delighted to offer a family theme, entertainment and activities designed for your pleasure where memories will be made.