What It Takes
DreamScape is a next generation facility designed with the environment and our climate concerns in mind. It is going to be the largest one roof structure in the world. Fully enclosed and temperature controlled, this facility is completely self-sufficient. It engages clean renewable energy sources dealing with everything internally – hydro, heating/cooling, water and sewer. 

Our intention is to build the world of tomorrow by building smarter today.

The beautiful thing about being a Theme Park is that it is geared to an international market, making this a Global Destination spot for Manitoba. This will put Manitoba and Canada on the world stage; having such a marvel of engineering to show the world within our normal cold climate. 

One of the many great opportunities of this project for the future is the potential to locate others anywhere in the world. Being able to live in an environment that is guarded from any weather conditions while being self-sufficient is something that does not already exist on such a large scale. DreamScape is designed with people in mind and can accommodate a large amount of resident population in addition to farming and producing fresh fruits and vegetables. 

This is a Canadian venture working with international assistance at all levels, in true Canadian spirit, offering the world a brighter future.
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