Green Space

Green Space

The futuristic design of Dreamscape is an architectural and environmental marvel. Not only does it add an edge to modern living for residents and visitors within DreamScape, but this will take the concept of living in the lap of nature to another level. 

Everyone loves a summer atmosphere, especially with a natural green surrounding. Our designers certainly zeroed in on that objective in designing all the green spaces, parks and trails, throughout the landscape.

Highlights of the Greenspace and Ecosystem: 

  • Trees and vegetation specifically chosen for their beauty and relaxing qualities
  • Jog, run or rollerblade on our parks and trails in a natural setting year-round
  • Enjoy a soothing walk in luscious green spaces complimented with ponds and walking bridges, even gondola rides
  • Year-round bird sanctuary, lakes and rivers in the first eco system of its kind
  • Adding a different level of luxury to residential ownership with our year-round dog park

DS1 building the mega structures of the future with the environment, our climate and society in mind.