Unique Features

Key to Success

Without peers in the region, the project is strategically located and designed to provide a much needed global destination/environmental friendly mega-project amidst the busy city life. 

Having no exact competition for the markets created, DreamScape One with its mix of facilities, attractions and management capabilities will ensure success in both short-term and long-term development. 

DreamScape will unequivocally become a frequent destination for tourists, with its unique design and lavish array of amenities mixed with business offerings. A key focus of DS1 is the environment and renewable energy. Utilizing a geothermal distribution network for heating/cooling as well as the collection of rain and snowfall runoff (free water) for its non-essential water usage (non-potable) will provide DS1 the advantage of passing on a lower cost to its retailers and better management of its utilities.

The key to DS1 success starts with our team. Our guest’s expectations will be high, our service standards will follow suit. To be truly successful our standard practice will be best in class:

  • Dedication to the finest quality products and "make it happen no matter what" customer service levels
  • On-going employee education and recognition programs
  • Taking full advantage of our assets, viability, strength and competitive advantages to ensure success through build-up and retaining market niches
  • Continued support of local, regional, provincial and federal government programs
  • Giving back to the community by assisting local and national charities with donations, events and fundraisers at DreamScape One