Questions regarding the project?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is DreamScape a real place?
A. DreamScape is in the making and soon to become REAL.

Q. When is DreamScape expecting to start construction?
A. Our goal is to break ground as soon as possible once all necessary processes have been carefully finalized and approved. This could be as early as summer of 2017 or further into the future, we will keep you updated.

Q. DreamScape is completely covered and unharmed by the weather outside, is it surrounded by a dome? How will this work?
A. DreamScape One will be an engineering marvel unlike anything you have seen before. It will be completely covered by an enclosure that will benefit not only as a way to make the facility run 365 days a year but it will also benefit the environment. The roof design will drive all free water (rain and snow) from our heated roof to a catchment area. This free water will be filtered and used for all non-potable needs such as irrigation of our green spaces and landscaped areas. This will truly be a green initiative to be proud of.

Q. When will DreamScape open?
A. DreamScape will be built in three phases. We currently do not have a tentative date set for Phase One to become active and open to the public but we will keep everyone updated as soon as the project time table is finalized. 

Q. What amenities will be included within DreamScape One?
A. A Water Park, Amusement Park, Championship 18 hole Par 73 golf course, Recreational 9 hole Par 36 golf course, 2 Luxury Boutique Hotels featuring 400 guest rooms per property, Massive Convention Centre, Amphitheatre large enough to seat over 20,000 guests, 2 Drive Inn Movie Theatres, Shopping Centre Retail Hub with over 600 retail stores, City Park with running / biking trails, Sportsplex featuring baseball, soccer, basketball and skating, expansive Fitness Facility, an International Food Market, Condominiums all under one superstructure roof with retractable sections when weather is right. As well, there will be a Winter Park featuring skiing and other winter activities outside of the DreamScape mega facility but still on the same campus.

Q. Will Phase One have the Water Park?
A. Yes Phase One has The Water Park and first stage of: The Hotels, The Retail Hub, The Golf Course, The Amusement Park, The Convention Center and Premium Space Zone, Green Space, Winter Park and Condominiums

Q. What kind of rides are in the Water Park?
A. The Water Park is comparable to some of the biggest Water Parks across North America and will therefore have all the major expected rides, including a dual wave pool, the lazy river and the flow rider as well as various rides to accommodate all ages.

Q. How big is the Amusement Park?
A. It is a fairly large area comprising of Thrill Rides, Mega Coasters and Big Wheel amusement rides, Vertical Balloon rides, 4D Flying Theater and attractions for all ages.

Q. What will it cost me to take my family of four to DreamScape for the day?
A. That's a good question but at this time we do not have that answer finalized. DreamScape does plan on offering discounted rates for local residents.

Q. Will I have to pay for parking?
A. Parking will be offered in different categories - short term, long term, economy etc. but not every category will be chargeable. In addition there will be a lot of combination packages that includes parking.

Q. Is the complete facility under the roof, including the Golf Course?
A. Yes, everything including the Golf Course and The City Size Parks. DreamScape is an enclosed climate controlled facility.

Q. Are there real trees, grass and waterways on the Golf Course and the Parks?
A. Yes, year round.

Q. So I can golf any time of the year?
A. Yes, anytime including December and January.

Q. Is it an 18 hole Golf Course?
A. The Golf Course is an 18 hole Par 73 professionally designed course as well we will have a 9 hole Par 36 recreational golf course.

Q. Where will DreamScape be located?
A. It will be located in a strategic location with the location to be released at a later time; at our public release

Q. When will the public release take place?
A. We presently have it scheduled for a tentative date for the late summer of 2017, but this could change.

Q. How big will the hotels be?
A. There will be 2 hotels with approximately 1000 rooms per hotel.

Q. Will there be a local rate offered to Manitobans at the hotel?
A. At this time that answer is unknown but it is preferred to go that route.

Q. Will there be yearly and monthly passes available on top of a daily pass to enter DreamScape?
A. DreamScape will offer many pass options for the facility: half day, full day, multi-day, weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly passes will be available for purchase. Discounts will be provided based on how many days are being purchased. These daily passes will provide you entry into either the Water Park, Amusement Park or both parks depending on the ticket purchased. More details will be available in the near future.

Q. Will all facilities require a fee for entry such as shopping at the Retail Hub? How will this be broken up?
A. The shopping centre will not require an entry fee to shop. The Golf Course will have green fees and the Amphitheatre and Drive Inn's will have ticket sales as is traditional for those types of venues. A daily pass is not required for any of these areas. The City Parks and Sportsplex will require a small nominal fee per person for entry.

Q. Is the parking outside?
A. Yes and No. The parkades are located outside of the covered facility but are partially covered. DreamScape is connected to the parkades by way of a monorail train system. Essentially the monorail will transport guests into DreamScape and will provide shuttle service to and from the parkades.

Q. Can I park and walk right into DreamScape?
A. This will not be an available option for entry. Our guest’s safety is our main priority and proper security measures must be set in place. Each guest must go through a security checkpoint prior to boarding the monorail which will transport you to DreamScape.

Q. Is there a charge for the monorail service?
A. No charge and it will be an automated system.

Q. Will there be a design layout or design drawings of DreamScape that we will be able to view on the website?
A. At a later date we will have drawings and design layouts of DreamScape available on our website however, at this time, it is still a work in progress. We have however, started providing renderings, pictures and videos to illustrate the many wonderful features of DreamScape.

Q. What kind of stores and businesses are in the Retail Hub?
A. The Hub will house over 600 retail spaces and will include everything from traditional stores to local favourites, big box stores, designer and hard to find stores, office space, cinemas as well as food and beverage outlets just to name a few.

Q. Is the Drive-In movie theater located under the covered roof?
A. The Drive-In will be located within the climate controlled superstructure of DreamScape and will have retractable areas for seasonal open air. The Drive-In movie theaters will be opened year-round.

Q. So I will be able to go for a walk in the middle of winter in these City Size Parks?
A. Yes, the park is inside DreamScape climate control facility. You will be able to walk in shorts thru-out the park, stroll over the many bridges located over the ponds and waterways, rollerblade or just go for a run any time of the year.

Q. What is the purpose of the Amphitheatre?
A. The Amphitheatre is designed for the arts and culture - symphonies, live plays, concerts, the ballet etc. even professional exhibition basketball games. The floor system is retractable allowing for two practical floors and the roof is retractable.

Q. How many people does the Amphitheatre seat?
A. The Amphitheatre will be able to seat just over 20,000 people.

Q. How long will it take to build DreamScape One?
A. The full deployment of all phases of the project will take ten plus years to execute and complete before DreamScape is fully active and online.

Q. What is the Premium Space zone?
A. The Premium Space zone which we also call the Premium Space and Nightlife Zone is an area where all the major nightlife will be happening - bars, lounges, restaurants etc. This area is centralized in the middle of the facility and rises several stories high overlooking everything in DreamScape. It also gives first class box office seating from any of your favorite restaurants or lounges, looking onto the Amphitheatre stage.

Q. Are the Condominiums for rent and purchase? Could I live there?
A. Yes and Yes. You could buy a condominium or purchase a Time Share and rent it; however, it is still a work in progress. More details on this will be provided in the near future.

Q. Are you active on Social Media? Where can I follow you to receive more updates besides the website? How can I help and assist you with this project?
A. You could check us out on, Facebook, Twitter (@Dreamscape_204) and even Instagram (@dreamscapewinnipeg). DreamScape is a complex, one of a kind project that requires individuals with specific set of skills and background. Creativity, innovation and adaptability are some of the key assets we look for to join our team. Tell us about yourself and how you might be able to help us. We would love to hear from you.

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