Drive-In Movie Theatres
DreamScape One, will be home to two unique drive-in movie theatres, featuring new Hollywood hits and classic titles year round.
These two exclusive Drive-In movie theatres would be located within the confines of our climate- controlled environment. 

Surrounded by our green space tree-line, concession areas and children’s park, movie-goers will enjoy and welcome this modern, nostalgic drive-in experience. With our silver screen recessed into a clamshell, creating the opportunity for all- day screening; locals and visitors alike, will be able to enjoy their favorite movie, day or night. Full digital picture and sound are only a few of the exciting aspects of our drive-in experience. Having a choice of one of the many vintage cars, fully outfitted for sound and comfort, will certainly make going to the drive-in fun again. Adding to the appeal, our fun and friendly roller-blading staff will bring your favorite burger, milkshake, hotdogs and fries right to your vehicle: the ultimate window service. 

Featuring new Hollywood blockbusters and classic films, the drive-in movie theatres within DreamScape will be a unique way to watch movies. Theme nights and days will include marathons of your classic films or holiday favorites on big screen. On non-theme nights and days, we will be running first-run movies for your enjoyment. DreamScape will offer not one, but two screens, so our movie-goers will have the option of either drive in your own vehicle, or use one of our classic, vintage vehicles to enjoy the show. 

Stand out features: 

  • Digital 4K HD projectors.
  • Dolby Digital Surround sound.
  • Concessions and Restaurants.
  • Food Trucks.
  • Children's Playground.

DreamScape bringing the drive-in movie theatre back to life.