Amusement Park
DreamScape One Amusement Park will be located in our climate controlled environment under our superstructure roof.

Year-Round Fun and Entertainment

DreamScape will bring Manitoba a warm, colorful and exciting summer like atmosphere year-round. We will spare no expense as we take you back to the turn of the century when Winnipeg once housed the largest amusement park center in Canada. Fun filled with thrills and chills, the excitement will take you to new heights with state of the art mega coasters and thrill rides. 

Complimented by the world’s best manufacturers and ride engineers, with safety as our number one concern and excitement being our number one goal, be prepared to be catapulted into the rides of your life! 

From the classic wooden coasters, water rides and games to the futuristic extreme coasters, it can all be found in our Amusement Park filled with family fun and thrills for all to enjoy. Explore our different themes and worlds as DreamScape works with the world’s most amazing Amusement Park companies to bring you the best rides and entertainment.

A Park For All Seasons:

  • Experience THE best rides, games, shows and much more
  • Buy your tickets ahead of time and VIRTUALLY book yourself in any line
  • Half day, full day and multi passes available to allow more flexibility
  • Cutting edge technology and new age designs

DreamScape Amusement Park is not just about mega coasters and mind bending thrill rides. Venture on the massive European style Ferris Wheel (similar to the London Eye), Lindstroms anchored balloon rides, 4D motion theatres, 4D zombie games, Free Flying in our wind chamber, body surfing and lots more…. 

Enjoy a breathtaking, panoramic view in our Aerial Cable Car tours, body surfing and zip lines from the most unique vantage points. Bringing a host of other fun activities for all ages to experience and enjoy, stay tuned for more. 

DreamScape One – we don’t believe in having you wait in line when you should be having fun.