Premium Space and Nightlife Zone
Without peers in the region, the project's 500 acres superstructure site is strategically located and designed to provide a spacious area for a much needed environmentally friendly mega-project amidst the busy city life.

Having no exact competition for the markets created and captured by DreamScape, with its mix of facilities and management capabilities, we will ensure success in both short-term and long-term development.

With its unique design and lavish array of excitement mixed with business offerings, DreamScape will unequivocally become a frequent destination for tourists. A key feature of DreamScape is providing clean power. Utilizing a geothermal distribution network for power and heating/cooling as well as the collection of rain and snowfall runoff for its non-essential water usage (non-potable), will provide DreamScape the advantage of passing on a lower cost to its retailers and better management of its utilities.