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A new and exciting environmentally responsible project that brings together the best in entertainment, fun and hospitality.
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About The Project
Designed for a cold climate, Manitoba has been chosen for DreamScape's strategic and centralized location. Welcome to the next level of commercialization for Manitoba, finally a marvel of engineering to place Manitoba on the world stage. DreamScape is a new and exciting environmentally responsible project that brings together the best in entertainment, fun and hospitality. A year round, world class facility you can take your family and friends to right here at home!

Project Summary
Winnipeg is about to be introduced to the biggest, boldest construction and development undertaking in its history. We are about to build something that will change the face of Winnipeg, Manitoba as you know it.

DreamScape Winnipeg (referred to as "DreamScape") is an environmentally responsible, technologically advanced, integrated project. Offering year-round outstanding entertainment, fun, excitement and hospitality all under one climate-controlled, superstructure roof makes this a global destination.


  • Two Luxury, Boutique style hotels with accommodations for over 1400 guests plus executive suites

  • Comprehensive Convention Center with over 300,000 square feet of banquet space.

  • 18 Hole Championship Golf Course for avid golfers

  • 9 Hole Family and Friends Recreation Golf Course

  • Regulation size Ice Rinks, city size Recreation Parks and walking trails

  • World-Class Symphony/Concert Hall Amphitheatre with a retractable roof

  • Offices, Retail, brand-name outlets and boutique stores in an international themed shopping center

  • Cinemas and Drive-In Movie Theatres, Fine Dining Restaurants, Food Courts, Premium Nightlife and Entertainment Zone

  • Water Park featuring mind-bending slides, rides and wave pools, walkways, grotto and gardens

  • Amusement Park featuring the newest in thrill rides, amazing roller coasters, 4D flying theatres, the gigantic Ferris wheel

  • An all-inclusive outdoor Winter Park to fulfill your desire to ski, snowboard, tubing and other outdoor activities

  • Sports Complex with year-round venues for each major recreational activity: baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis and ultimate frisbee

  • An International Food Market featuring local vendors, farmers market and grocery stores.

  • Condominium Complexes with over 500 Condominiums for residential living and vacationing

  • Five Hundred (500) acres of land completely enclosed, climate and temperature controlled under the superstructure roof makes this a marvel of engineering. The DreamScape Winnipeg project is primed to become Winnipeg's premier attraction. DreamScape is a reality, the technologies have arrived and the support is growing. This is the right time in Manitoba’s lifespan to embrace such a mega-project development; it will put Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada on the world stage permanently.

    Enhanced with an aerial view by cable cars, DreamScape will become the premier city attraction for Winnipeg; driving tourism from all over the world. With its sheer size and diversity, this venture has the potential to create thousands of new jobs (pre and post construction), increase tourism and generate large sums of tax revenues for Manitoba. The construction timeframe of this project is approximately ten years plus.

    The creation of Centreport Canada and the infrastructure manufactured by its existence will encourage and assist in bringing international businesses to Winnipeg. DreamScape's retail shopping and restaurant opportunities will open the door for international companies to expand in the Winnipeg Market. We have already opened these doors and have started communications with several companies who are very excited and interested in being part of this venture.

    Located at a strategic location within Manitoba, this world-class facility will not only provide multifaceted recreational services but will operate under a mandate to limit its environmental footprint. This LEED Certified "state of the art" project is adapting to creative sustainable solutions for heating, cooling, water management, power and resource recycling. Working with engineers, consultants, specialists, manufacturers, suppliers as well as other professionals locally and internationally has moved this venture from an idea to a reality.

    Manitoba, a province rich in culture, heritage and natural resources is now challenged by global climate change and a public desire for sustainable living and most importantly "long-term growth". DreamScape Winnipeg is about sustainable living, the environment and the future of Manitoba. It is designed with community, family and fun in mind as a major destination spot to bring people together in the heart of North America. With its International Marketing Program, DreamScape is reaching a global level to bring people from around the world to Winnipeg directly.

    The future of Manitoba and the economic landscape will change with the creation of DreamScape Winnipeg. This will be the largest indoor structure in North America and unlike anything else seen in the world.